Thanks for co-hosting!
If you are looking for the co-hosts rules, then you've come to the right place. Here is what we expect of our co-hosts. Thank you for taking the time to read through and helping us run the blog hop smoothly each week.

The blog hop is to be posted at 12:00 A.M U.S Central Time Zone.  
The post must include the post image and links we provide in our e-mail.  
The post should not include any self promotional links, ads, or images. 
The post should strictly contain only what was provided or relevant to the Followers to Friends blog hop. 

Failure to post at the scheduled time and with out e-mail notice, may result in putting a 'hold' on your link after the first hour of the blog hop. 

Co-hosts spots are paid for, therefore it is imperative that you post on time in order to gain maximum benefits from the blog hop. It is also imperative in order to be fair to your fellow 
co-hosts who do post on time. We want each of our co-hosts to benefit greatly and equally and it can be done when we all work as a team during the airing of the blog hop. 

The post must remain for the full extent of a week, and should not be removed prior

Co-hosts are encouraged to visit other blogs, remember this is about making friends.

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